Bridie Cotter of Kinsfolk Farm

Bridie Cotter is a mother & farmer. She and her partner run a small market farm in Moriac, a suburb just inland from the Torquay Surf Shire. We have asked Bridie some questions about her life, work and rituals and were lucky to get an insight to their humble property.

Images by Lara Cooper.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm Bridie, one half of Kinsfolk Farm. I live on Wadawurrung country on the Surf Coast with my business and life partner Tom and our nearly 3 year old daughter Agatha. We farm on lease land, a 5 minute walk from our home in Moriac. I'm a passionate lover of the natural world, farming regeneratively, building community and ethical fashion (it's a privilege to be a part of this journal series). 7 years ago, Tom and I left Melbourne and started our wild ride into regenerative small scale farming, after I had surreptitiously called it quits on my music career. I'm still passionate about music but so glad I made the career move where I get to live and work by the seasons, out in the elements and service our community.

What is one of your essential daily rituals?

I'd like to say it was something wholesome, or something unusual but, if I'm being honest (which I'm known to be), it's the making and drinking of coffee after breaky. Just one a day, so I'm pedantic about doing it right - we have an espresso machine and a monthly coffee bean subscription (fresh single origin beans for the perfect black brew).

"but ( i'm ) so glad I made the
career move where I get to live and work by the seasons, out in the elements
and service our community."

What drew you to organic farming, and what was the process of establishing Kinsfolk Farm?

I got hooked on the idea of regenerating soil and doing something productive for the environment whilst producing tasty vegetables and working for myself. Self serving in every way, as well as a daily form of protest for climate action. We spent a year or so researching small-scale market gardening via books, youtube, podcasts and connecting with farming mentors before we found our patch of land in the winter of 2016. We launched a crowdfunding campaign that Spring, to help raise the start-up capital and we were off and digging by December. We've been growing and changing ever since and we've finally gotten to a comfortable spot with production and the business. We're looking forward to a fruitful spring/summer 2023/24!

How has your business changed since becoming a parent?

As difficult as it is to admit, the biggest change our business has seen since our daughter was born, is that Tom has taken on the vast majority of the day to day responsibility of running the farm. It has been a big learning curve and process of letting go for me. I've found it hard to reconcile with conforming to heteronormative and gender stereotypes within our family and business but Motherhood is bigger than all of those notions. Setting up our home life and business in this way, is the only way we can make it all work.

Do you have a hobby / something you love to spend time with that is unrelated to work?

I have a few hobbies, of which I've only just learnt, since becoming a mother, I desperately need! Music
(listening and singing) has always been the bedrock of my creative identity so I'm finding new ways to keep that up. I've joined a community women's choir and am learning the guitar.

I'm also borderline obsessed with birds and native flora so I try to go for weekly bushwalks around the Surf Coast and the Otways AND good friend Meg is also teaching me how to ride horses, which I love. It's safe to say I'm hobby mad at the moment.

What is your favourite thing about where you live?

Being 20 minutes from the world's most stunning coastline and bush (biased much?). The people are pretty good round these parts too.

Favourite thing to cook at the moment?

Fish tacos because it's one of the only things our daughter will happily eat without a bunfight. I'm obsessed with the lime and coriander flavour combination and our farm grown coriander is superb, of course.

What is your most loved piece of VT, and why?

I'm a bit of a lizard and really feel the cold so I live in layers of wool at this time of year. Suffice to say I'm living in my VT Merino Skivvy in Tobacco and loving it - the perfect soft winter base layer in a warm earthy colourway. 

Read more about Kinsfollk Farm here ( and if you live on the surf coast, support local with your weekly veggie shop! )