Crescent Moon Hoop
Crescent Moon Hoop Crescent Moon Hoop Crescent Moon Hoop Crescent Moon Hoop

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The Crescent Moon Hoop is made from recycled sterling silver, is 22mm diametre across and is 0.6mm thick making the earrings light and functional. Crescent Moon Hoops are embellished with a fine matte surface making them perfect for everyday wear.

About the Maker:
Anastasia Mannix is a contemporary jewellery designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Anastasia Mannix’s passion for refined and handcrafted pieces is accentuated by her focus on shape, form and structure. Each piece of jewellery is individually hand made using the finest materials. Anastasia Mannix incorporates Australian recycled silver and gold in her work in order to make her brand sustainable and ethical. Anastasia Mannix strives to keep all aspects of her jewellery making process Australian made, sourcing Australian opals and sapphires which are then cut by hand in Australia. Anastasia Mannix creates a diverse range of jewellery that is contemporary but elegant, combining her fascination of the universe, the unexplained and the ancient worship of the cosmos in conceptual design.