A letter from Amy Roberts ( founder )

Vege is slowing things down. With the recent news of losing our main Melbourne maker of 8 years we’ve had to reflect & look at different ways of doing things. For many years, despite falling into the “slow fashion” category I feel like VT has been going a million miles an hour. To go against the grain in this industry takes a lot of energy, trial & error, patience & after a big couple of years we need to re-fill our cups. Thankfully, after this recent hurdle, we can now say we’ll continue to be bring you VT but at a slower pace and in smaller/more limited quantities.

VT is approaching its 10th year and we’ve continued to launch a new range & new styles twice a year, every year since it’s beginning. Now is a time to think of new innovative ways of operating to ensure that the label is staying true to its sustainable values. We have our wonderful South Australian factory taking on our production for 2022/23 but they are a smaller factory with limited capacity. We’ll be shrinking down the collection to our key styles in hemp, organic fleece, & merino and saying goodbye to other loved styles & fabrics. 

To begin moving towards this smaller, more considered model, we need to downsize. Although our sales are usually based on last chance sizes ( one-off’s etc ) we are going to hold a one-time only larger sale to help us keep moving forward and say goodbye to styles that will be discontinued.

I wanted to add a big thank you to everyone who has supported VT over the years. The pandemic is affecting small business more than ever now, with a ripple effect from what we've endured over the past 2 years. Your support means everything and really does keep local manufacturing alive.

The industry/world is so fast paced and it’s difficult to not get caught up in that both personally as a business. We’re excited for this next, slower chapter and hope you can keep with us on this journey!

Keep your eyes peeled for more on our sale coming up!

Lots of love,