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We had the pleasure of working with earth child and Australian musician Lisa Mitchell in a VT editorial. As a beautiful ambassador for the label we decided to ask Lisa some questions about her thoughts on ethical and sustainable clothing ....

1. How important is choosing ethical clothing to you ?

It is SO hard to find ethical clothing that is actually something that you'd feel proud to wear down the street. I don't mean to be fan-girling straight out of the gates, but that's why I was so excited when I found Vege Threads! I do care about where my clothes come from. Of course I have to buy things that don't have information on their origins, but I love buying ethical/local/organic when I can. I also love buying second hang clothes from Opp shops and I love trading with friends.  


2. Why do you choose to support local, is this something that filters through all areas of your life ?

I spent a few months working on a small family-run farm near Melbourne a few years ago and this really opened me up to how important it is to support our local farmers and businesses. This couple that I worked with worked so hard and cared so much about the quality of their food and the health and vitality of the land, soil, water, sky and animals that all lived on their farm. It gave me such hope that people do care about our earth, but that we need to support them and buy their stuff!! I love farmers. They are so cool. 


3. What are your thoughts on Vege Threads as a label?

I think Vege Threads are the shit! Seriously, though. Cool and ethical is a hard marriage and I seriously salute you. That was a good day that I discovered you guys. It made me hopeful to see that there are beautiful alternatives to synthetic clothing. We have started saying 'no' to plastic bags, now we need to start saying 'no' to synthetic clothing. 


4. Do you feel that things such as the slow fashion movement is the way to a better future for the fashion industry?

I think that's a really beautiful attitude for life - 'slow', in general. I try and stay there. Time to consider your choices etc, but the reality is that on a mass-scale we are not going to slow down in a hurry ('scuse the pun). I think the answer will be in finding ways of mass-producing cheap fabrics that are biodegradable and have a sustainable creation process. That's really not my area of expertise, so I'm hoping someone out there will work that one out! 


5. Was there any significant moment where you felt you needed to change the way you live/buy , or was it an awareness that our generation is currently experiencing?

To be honest, the more and more compassion I find for myself, the more I feel for everyone else and this world that we live with. This planet has such powerful and wise eco-systems and my wish is to see everyone working with these clever eco-systems, not against them. It's already doing so much of the work for us! Why reinvent the wheel?! The soil, the sun, the wind, all such powerful renewable forces and sources. There are unlimited ways that the the fashion industry could incorporate sustainable practises and choices into their businesses. The buyers just have to support them.


6. Any additional comments?

I remain hopeful for the future of the fashion industry. It's really hard as a wearer to buy consciously every time, but I am trying - and the more options and designers that get on board, the more we will have to choose from and the easier it will be. 

Thanks for being the change I want to see in the world, 

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